Have we learned from history?

History is always in progress: it has never stopped and has been bringing lots of events, full of joy but also of sadness. Nowadays, unfortunately, it happens to see unpleasant situations. Since 2020, the world has been facing the pandemic of Covid-19, and only recently it seems that we have gone out of it, finally. But it doesn’t end here. Not long ago, on 24th February 2022, a war between Russia and Ukraine has started. After 8 years from the Ukrainian revolution, ended with the escape of the president Janukovyc, Putin has decided to invade the neighbouring country. After that, Ukraine has been seriously damaged, by Russian soldiers and bombing. I obviously condemn the action of the Russian leader: because of this, lots of Ukrainian citizens have to run away from their country or to take up arms to defend it. Destruction, hunger and sadness were brought to people who have been hit by war. But it seems that nobody asks himself some questions: why has Putin decided to invade Ukraine? Certainly, I am not the right person who has to explain everything behind it, but probably the Russian leader felt unheard and has decided to act with force. In fact, sometime ago, the NATO had promised not to join any territory that was part of the ex- East Germany, but the accord wasn’t respected. So, the Ukraine’s request to enter NATO made Putin think to act in this violent way. Honestly, I think that he, in quality of a leader, in order to show to the world that he is worthy of that position, should have solved every problem in a diplomatic way; so, maybe he should correct his way of thinking and acting. I don’t know what are the true motivations of Putin, but rationally it is possible to say only one thing: power is the reason why everything has happened. If he was really right, should have demonstrated it. We could have stopped this war before it even started, without putting civilians in the way. The problem is with the governors of the nations: have we learned from history?

Irene Milone 2D

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Irene Milone


2 D Liceo Scientifico “Medi”- Barcellona P.G.

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