Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is the sixth of seven episodes of the popular Harry Potter saga, released on July 16, 2005 in English. Harry Potter is alone, upset and worried.
His beloved godfather Sirius Black is dead, and Albus Dumbledore’s words about the prophecy confirm that a confrontation with Lord Voldemort is now inevitable. Nothing is the same anymore: the last link with his family is severed, even Hogwarts is no longer the welcoming home of the early years, while Voldemort is stronger, cruel and inhumane than ever. Harry himself knows he’s changed.
The frustration and helplessness of the fifteen years have given way to a different, more adult firmness and determination.
Penultimate chapter of the saga, the sixth book, the most relaxed but at the same time full of darkness.
After the oppressive and painful experiences he faced in “The Order of the Phoenix” Harry has now matured from a teenager to a man. He has been able to create and organize a rebel group, he has seen him die for him, he has been estranged from his friends several times, and yet, once again, he is the “boy who survived”.
The deepening from the dramatic point of view of the character has allowed the reader to know him fully, and therefore to undertake the reading of the with a different look, knowing well what he would have encountered, and here, again, Rowling amazes.
The book immediately presents a major innovation: the union between the magical world and the “normal” one, and reading the first chapter you actually think about the fact that you continue on the line of darkness, and instead, reading the following ones you encounter a story focused on school, on Harry’s new talent in potions thanks to the mysterious book of the Prince, hidden protagonist of the whole story, on friendship, on the relationship between Harry and Dumbledore, stronger and more interesting than ever, and above all on love.
There will be no page where you do not feel that sweet air given by love, and it is absolutely not a defect of the novel, but rather the saga finally contains all the elements to be considered true and complete.
Love stories will never be in the way of the story and will never be heavy or mushy, but they will be very spontaneous and pleasant, making the text even smoother.
But love and peace, which could be said to be what one feels “before the storm”, is opposed by the darkness of the Horcruxes, a fundamental piece of the puzzle, which is finally ready to be reassembled in the last and decisive chapter.
“The Half-Blood Prince” is therefore the very pleasant passage between the turning point, the fifth book, and the conclusion, and offers a smooth reading, never boring, and particularly intriguing for the new themes dealt with.

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Arianna Vanadia Bartolo


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