Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets

It is the second book in the series of seven Harry Potter books. The book was published in 1998. The film was released in November 2002.

The second year at Hogwarts proves to be fraught with danger for Harry Potter and his friends: a mysterious monster roams the school petrifying Muggle-born half-blood wizards, and everyone blames Harry.

Harry expects it to be a normal year after his experiences the term before but a secret chamber opens, muggle-born students are attacked and Harry must put his life in danger once more.

The three main characters in the story are Harry Potter, Ron Weasley – Harry’s best friend who steals his Father’s flying car to fly himself and Harry to Hogwarts; and Hermione Granger – Harry’s other best friend who is the smartest student in their year at school but who is petrified when the attacks start. The new Defence against the Dark Arts teacher is Gilderoy Lockhart who is a self-obsessed lunatic of a teacher.

The author continued to write the story in the same simple manner, understandable by anyone aged 10 to 100, but this time added some spicy details, giving us a more in depth view of Hogwarts

Although the style remains the same childish and simple manifestation of Harry and his friend’s lives, this time we get into some more dark secrets that threaten to put an end to the quiet, peaceful times at the famous school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The Chamber of Secrets hides mysteries nobody seems to be willing to talk about. It is a chamber full of evil, that can bring the most horrid terrors if opened.

This book is packed with action, fantasy and creativity. My favourite part is when Harry is pulled into Riddle’s diary and is made to witness the expulsion of his friend Hagrid when he was at Hogwarts 50 years before.

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