If you are in Sicily you certainly cannot fail to taste its delicious traditional dishes. Many of these gastronomic heritages can be found in bars, restaurants but also in stalls and kiosks on the city streets. Each province of Sicily has its traditions therefore tourists have various choices on what to taste.

The Sicilian cassata

It is an exquisite Easter cake typical of Palermo with a base of sponge cake, filled with ricotta and decorated with candied fruit, marzipan and chocolate.

Cannoli with ricotta

It is a typical carnival dessert which can be prepared at any time of the year given its goodness and its popularity. Prepared with a rolled and fried wafer filled with ricotta. It is sometimes decorated with candied fruit, chocolate chips or pistachio grains.

The arancino

This dish is of Arab origin but can be prepared in different ways. In Palermo it is called arancina and has a spherical shape prepared with meat or butter. In Catania, however, it is called arancino and has a triangular shape. It is usually filled with meat sauce but also with bechamel.

Couscous with fish

It is a tasty fish dish prepared with durum wheat semolina, garlic, bay leaf, onion and olive oil. This dish is cooked in the traditional cous-cousseria and is typical in the Trapani areas.

The almond paste

In Italy, pasta reale or almond paste is a confectionery preparation used in the various desserts of Sicilian cuisine, for example, Apulian, Salento and Sardinian cuisine.


It is a cold dessert typical of a Sicilian breakfast and is usually served in transparent glasses. Traditionally it was accompanied by fresh and crunchy bread, which was later replaced by the Sicilian brioche.

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