It has been two years since Archie, the eldest son of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, was born into the world.

He was born on May 6, 2019 and the news went around the world. Twenty-four months later, Harry and Meghan decided not to live in the UK anymore and Archie will live in California. And it is precisely in California, in Montecito, that Archie has celebrated his second birthday on May 6th. He had a party in the garden, with some of his friends, in the presence of his parents and his grandmother Doria. Meghan, for this party, prepared him a cake with strawberries and cream as she did last year for Archie’s first birthday.

After all, this is his last birthday as an only child, because towards this summer he will have a little sister. Meghan Markle would already be in the hospital to give birth to her baby, ahead of time, compared to the date that expected the birth in mid-June. This news has not been confirmed by her or by Prince Harry, but she has been running in the Los Angeles area since she was seen entering a hospital in the city of Santa Barbara aboard an SUV.

According to sources close to Suits’ ex Rachel, Harry’s and her plan was to do everything at home with the help of soft birth specialists, but it seems the situation isn’t as simple as it seemed. Furthermore, the celebrations for Archie will be double. May 6 is her birthday, but May 9 is Mother’s Day in various countries around the world, including the United States. This means that he will have double wishes, double cake, and other gifts as well.

Mum Meghan has already given her a birthday surprise by announcing the release of one of her books for June 8th. A children’s book, entitled The Bench and dedicated to the special relationship between a father and his child. Meghan also said that she got the inspiration for this book from a poem she dedicated to Harry a few weeks after the birth of little Archie.

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