Happy 22nd Birthday, Jace!

Jace Norman is an American actor and was born on March 21, 2000.

He starred in many films including a very famous tv-series: Henry Danger.

The series is about a guy named Henry Hart who starts a part-time job.

Then he discovers that it was not just a simple part-time job but he was chosen to be the assistant of a superhero: Captain Man played by Cooper Barnes. His brothers are Xander Norman and Glory Norman. Xander Norman was born on October 16, 1996, and is the middle brother instead Glory Norman the elder sister was born on April 12, 1994. Their parents are Scott Norman and Ileane Lee Norman.

Jace Norman’s zodiac sign is the ram and is approximately 1.71 cm tall.

Jace Norman moved to California at the age of 8 where he currently lives.

The last film he starred in was in the role of a Detective at Bixler High; which tells the story of Xander Dewitt, a curious boy, and skilled investigator.

The actor also starred in the film Jeremy Unbridled! Comedy/family genre 2018 film directed by Michelle Johnson. The film is about a teenager named Jeremy who leads the life of a normal boy but one day decides to wear a virtual reality headset in a shopping mall and later cannot help saying everything that comes to mind.

I like his characters but especially, I must admit, because he’s really gorgeous…

And today he’s turned 22! Happy Happy birthday dear Jace!

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