Hamilton- what’s happening?

In recent days we have seen a crisis from the seven-time Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton. After losing the world title 2021 Lewis no longer seems the same. There have been many changes between 2021 and 2022. Meanwhile the Mercedes W13. the change of era of the turbo hybrid era brought several changes to the regulation. The Mercedes W13 in 2022 presentation looked like a space car, but in Bahrain and Jeddah we saw a Mercedes that fought for third place in the championship. However, the performance of the Mercedes does not reach the top team Ferrari Red Bull. The performance of Mercedes in Bahrain was abnormal. Despite this, thanks to the withdrawal of the Read bulls, Mercedes finished third and fourth, with Hamilton on the podium behind the two Ferraris. But in Saudi Arabia, the order of the day, Mercedes was barely able to fight for fifth. From free practice the silver arrows struggled to stay in the top 10. However, in qualifying there was disappointment. Russell easily entered Q2, but Hamilton was in crisis and at risk of elimination from Q2. In a flash and 16th, if improves 15th but is then overtaken by the Aston Martin of Lance Stroll. Hamilton by one position is resoundingly eliminated in Q1.This had not happened since 2017, in Brazil. On that occasion, however, it was the fault of the accident of Lewis himself. So not counting the 2017 accident we have to go back in time, to 2009, at Silverstone. In the present, Hamilton hides tears inside his helmet. The setup with Russell was similar. Whether it was a problem with the car or the mistake of a seven-time world champion is still unknown. Despite the bad qualifying, in the race Hamilton put on hard tires at the start and recovered up to the tenth position, to get a point. Mercedes in the first two races placed second in the constructors’ championship given the double withdrawal of the Red Bulls in Bahrain. These days it is thought that Hamilton may leave Formula 1 but it is not absolutely unconfirmed news. it is not known if in Australia Mercedes will get better. We hope so.

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