Although Israel is a small state, it is rich in culture and traditions influenced by countries such as Morocco, India, Russia, Germany and many others.

Religion is a very significant part of their culture. The most professed religion is Judaism.

When visiting religious sites or religious cities, it is necessary to have appropriate clothing that does not cause disappointment. Men should cover their heads, with a black hat or ‘kippah’, not wear shorts or go bare-chested, while women should cover their shoulders and legs.

Women must cover their shoulders and legs. When entering Muslim homes and mosques, shoes must be removed.

 Hospitality is an important part of Israeli culture. They are very open and hospitable. If you ask an Israeli that you would like to experience a typical Shabbat dinner, they will not hesitate to invite you to their home.

The religious festivals to mention are:

The Shabbat which is the day of the sacred weekly rest. On this occasion the country is blocked, from sunset on Friday to that of Saturday, you can not do any work. During Shabbat meals, meat is usually eaten and accompanied by Saturday bread called Challah.

Yom Kippur “Day of Atonement”: celebrated in October , for the Jewish world is the most significant holiday ever. That consists in dedicating an entire day to prayer. And this is to obtain the forgiveness of sins committed in the past year. And for the occasion you play a small horn, called shofar

The feast of tabernacles, which falls in April, consists in eating for a week the matza (unleavened bread) to commemorate the flight of the Jews from Egypt in the wake of Moses.

The Jews in the kitchen are very careful, especially with regard to the rule of not mixing meat and dairy products. For example a dish or fork used for meat can not be used for dairy products because this would make the food not kosher. Many Israelis

eat kosher (suitable) food because they abide by Jewish laws. Not only can these two ingredients not be used together, but they cannot coexist in the same restaurant. As regards meat consumption, ruminant mammals with hooves may be eaten. They must have these characteristics otherwise they are considered impure

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