In Brazil everyone loves to dance, body language is the maximum expression of the excellent relationship that Brazilians have with their bodies. The music of Brazil, or MPB (Brazilian popular music), is strongly influenced by those of Africa and Europe. With Música Popular Brasileira, it means the set of all Brazilian popular genres, pop music and all the contaminations with other styles, that have characterized it to the point of making it a musical genre with dignity own. Despite being called popular, MPB is often identified as middle-class music. In Brazilian musical culture, perhaps more than in others, one of the typical characteristics is the mixture without preconceptions between different musical genres and styles. Brazilian popular music is not just “Samba” and “Bossanova”, but is actually the affirmation of different musical styles; these are joined by different urban styles including funk, typical of Rio’s favelas, pop, dance music and Caribbean rhythms. The Samba represents the national collective after the language, of African origin, it develops in Salvator de Bahia until it reaches its maximum artistic expression with the Rio de Janeiro Carnival. Capoeira, on the other hand, is a dance of presumed African origin. In reality it was born as a martial art, more precisely as a disguised fight. This is combined with the harmony of movement with music and the sound of percussion. For Brazilian music sadness and nostalgia have the same dignity as happiness: Antonio Carlos Jobim used to say that they share the same beauty. The Brazilians themselves say that their music is mainly about beauty. 

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Bonsignore Domenica




My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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