The Greek culture was a homogeneous phenomenon, which affected all the Hellenic peoples, united by the same language; it gave  great importance to knowledge and the search for truth: for the Greeks to approach the truth meant to approach divinity, therefore they attributed an almost religious character to knowledge and sciences. In ancient Greece, music occupied a very important role in social and religious life too.

Who was the inventor of music according to the Greek mythology?

It was  Orpheus! In ancient Greece, music occupied a very important role in social and religious life. For the Greeks, music was an art that included, in addition to music itself, poetry, dance, medicine and magical practices. The importance of music in the Greek world is testified by numerous myths concerning it.

 During the archaic period music was recited by professionals accompanied by instruments, later in the classical period music became part of the educational system , but it was still passed orally, only a few sources of music writing. Also in the classical period the tragedy developed. The subjects of the tragedy were taken from literary myths and consisted of dialogues between two or three characters alternating with choral songs. The actors were all men, they wore masks and performed to the accompaniment of music.

What were theatres like?

The architectural structure of the theatre consisted of a semicircular staircase for the public, in front there was the stage where the actors performed and between the steps and the stage there was the orchestra where the choir was located. .

Which instruments did they play?

The most common were the lyre or zither, sacred to the god Apollo, and the aulos, sacred to the god Dionysus. Percussion instruments were also in use including drums and cymbals, better known as cymbals

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Salvatore Mercorillo- Incardona Salvatore- Istituto comprensivo “O.G.De Cruyllas” Ramacca. Docente : Marilena Tamburino




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