Goodbye to Instagram and Facebook in Europe?

Would you be ready to live without these two social networks? In recent days, the news has spread and then partially denied the possible closure of Meta, Instagram and Facebook in Europe. Everything would be linked to user privacy issues, which in Europe is regulated by other laws than in the United States. “We will no longer be able to offer some of our most important products and services, including Facebook and Instagram in Europe.” Is Mark Zuckeberg a fool? Probably this is what we think reading these lines because we all know that he himself would lose a lot making this choice. Businesses need clear and global rules to secure long-term data flows between the US and the EU, and as the situation evolves they are monitoring the impact on European operations. “We have absolutely no desire and no plans to withdraw from Europe. Simply Meta, like many companies, relies on data transfer to be able to offer global services.” These are Zuckerberg’s reassuring words, let’s hope well for their decisions.

There are many pros and cons in closing these important social networks, for me they should not close because thanks to them I have found friends and did many other things. But if one day social networks shut down, what would our lives be like?

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Lusyana Alyssa Catalano