Mcdonald’s Corporation is a chain of fast food restaurants of American origin. Until 2018 it was the largest fast food chain in the world by number of outlets but was surpassed by Subway. Mcdonald’s restaurants are spread all over the world and have become one of the most recognizable symbols of so-called “globalization”: frenetic lifestyle and modern consumerism. In 1937, brothers Dick and Mac Mcdonald opened a hot dog stand in Arcadia (California). The real turning point in the company’s history came in 1955, when Ray Kroc, a representative of blenders, founded “Mcdonald’s Systems, Inc.” (which was later renamed “Mcdonald’s Corporation”). In 1955 he opened the first restaurant of the company founded by Kroc in Des Plaines, Illinois. In 1967, the first restaurant outside the United States was opened in Richmond, Canada. 1971 was the year of the inauguration of the first fast food in Europe: in the Netherlands, in Zaandam (city near Amsterdam). In 2012 he opened the first vegetarian fast food restaurant in India, to extend its clientele to Hindus, Muslims and all those who cannot or do not want to eat beef or pork or cheese. Mcdonald’s has become a symbol of globalization defined as the “Mcdonaldization” of society. Thomas Friedman noted that no country with a Mcdonald’s within has ever attacked another country with a Mcdonald’s. . A group of anthropologists, in a study entitled “Golden Arches East”, studied the impact that Mcdonald’s has on East Asia and in particular on Hong Kong. When the chain opened in 1975, Mcdonald’s was the first restaurant to offer clean dining places, leading customers to demand the same from other restaurants or other institutions. Mcdonald’s has also leveled social strata during dinners: there aren’t problems for some customers who might be embarrassed if someone else ordered more expensive food in a restaurant; the difference in the price of Mcdonald’s food is minimal, and not dependent on the greater/lesser value of the ingredients.

The Mcdonald’s logo is called “golden bows”. It consists, in fact, of two yellow arches that, intersecting at a point, form the letter “M”. They were used for the first time in 1962 when it was decided to integrate yellow arches in the structure of the various restaurants of the fast food chain. In 1968, 

When I was younger, I loved this food madly and did not understand why my parents did not let me eat it whenever I asked for it. I was very angry with them. As I got ‘older’ I understood why they didn’t let me eat it. They are not high quality ingredients and can cause problems in the long run.  However, the end product is really tasty and the cost is so affordable that this combination is of great interest to young people. I too take the liberty of “transgressing” from time to time.

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My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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