Give peace a chance

On February 25th, the Russian invasion of Ukraine began. This time the war seems so close to us, here in Europe. This conflict made us rediscover and in particular made us young people discover for the first time the horrors of war. We saw images of bombed cities, soldiers fighting, innocent people killed, women and children on the run. It is terrible to think that there is war not only in Ukraine but in many parts of the world: in Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Ethiopia, Congo. Everywhere destruction, death, fear.

So much suffering is created by the leaders of the Nations, who cause war, not by the innocent population on which the consequences of conflicts fall. Indeed, we learned that many Russians demonstrated against the war and were arrested. People do not want war.

Fortunately, the families of Ukrainian refugees have been welcomed with open arms in many European countries, including Italy. At this point we ask ourselves why are refugees from other wars not welcomed? And why do they instead risk being sent back to the country from which they flee? Isn’t war equally terrible to them? Are they not equally without an alternative to death but that of escaping? Or, maybe, is it that they are not welcomed due to the color of their skin? 

I hope that all wars in the world will end soon, I hope that in the meantime we will welcome all the refugees, without distinction. I hope that humans will learn to find a peaceful solution to conflicts instead of resorting to war.

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Nelva Sanchez


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My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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