Once upon a time there was a handsome young man, very determined and eager to succeed in his cinematic dream. So it was that he began studying at the Art Academy Carrara, founded by Fioretta Mari, continuing with a Masterclass in Rome where he was lucky enough to be noticed by the illustrious Venezuelan actress Anna Strasberg (talent scout of actors of the caliber of Al Pacino, Marylin Monroe and Johnny Depp) and awarded a scholarship to specialize at the most prestigious drama school in America.

In short, from Catania, his hometown, to Rome then to Los Angeles with the speed of a daydream. It seems like magic, one feels projected into another dimension, one wonders “but is this happening to me?!?”, Anyone who would go to his head and yet he, Giuseppe Schillaci, born in 1987, gave us a completely different impression . That of a young man, with his head on his shoulders, who says he lives in the clouds but who appears to us so rooted in the earth and so concrete. He knows well that in addition to a healthy dose of luck, the application of the formula “being in the right place at the right time”, together with an innate talent, what has led him to achieve his goals so far has been a family behind him. open, present and ready to support both economically and morally her choices, but also and above all her studies. This is how Joseph sends a beautiful message to today’s young people. “I was always the first to enter and the last to leave the classroom … they practically asked me to leave when they closed! I was studying from 9 am to 11 pm! Talent is not enough because, as Roger Miller said: one thing is to have talent, another is to find out how to use it. “

Passionate about his land, he lives it almost like a foreigner during the breaks between one job and another, but he always keeps it in his heart. Together with his eternal friend, the director and character actor, Giovanni Maugeri, he also made a short crowdfunding video about Catania and the four legends that hover in Piazza Università, waiting to be able to stage the complete script he wrote. Giuseppe, in fact, is currently devoting himself to acting but at the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute in Los Angeles he has also studied hard directing and screenwriting, areas that he thinks he can cultivate better in a second phase of his life.

Although he started after the age of majority, and not as a child as often happens in the USA, his filmography boasts many titles in international cinema (2018, “MY BODY VI BURIAL” and “PERSIAN LESSONS”, 2015 – “THE DILEMMA” , “THE ITALIAN” and “YOUNG AND IS LOVE”, 2014 – “GOODBYE MARCELLO”, “WINDOWS”, “WITH THE HAND OF GOD”, “WITHOUT WORDS, 2012 -“ CORRI ”). And, albeit belatedly, Italy has also shown interest in his work and appreciation of his acting skills (2020 – “ROMULUS”, 2019 – “IL CACCIATORE 2”, 2018 – “IL NOME DELLA ROSA” and “LA MOSSA DEL HORSE “, 2017 -” THE COMMISSIONER MONTALBANO “and” MALTESE – THE NOVEL OF THE COMMISSIONER “, 2014 -” ANTIMAFIA TEAM – PALERMO TODAY 6 “). Finally, in his multifaceted career there is no lack of theater interpretations (“MALIA”, “A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE”, “BERRETTO A SONAGLI”, “CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA”, “FOOL FOR LOVE,” GHOSTS “,” GOLDEN BOY “, “LA SCAPRICCIATA”, “RENT THE MUSICAL”, “SEASCAPE WITH SHARK AND DANCER”, “THE GLASS MENAGERIE”, “THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN”, “TRUE WEST”).

I look him straight in the eye, never looking away. I have often deduced that if an actor is constantly entrusted with bad roles, most likely that person will be really evil even in real life, and here comes the opportunity to try to dispel my suspicion. Schillaci played U friddu in “IL Cacciatore” broadcast every Friday night on rai2, Sciaverio Pipitone in the film “La Mossa Del Cavallo”, the Jew Marco in “Persian Lessons” presented last February at the 70th Berlinale International Film Festival to name only a few but he claims to be the opposite of his characters and we faithfully believe in it: the eyes don’t lie, neither does the genuine smile.

After 12 years living in California, who wins the match for you? THERE. or Catania?
Los Angeles for me is my second home, it has adopted me, the climate is similar to the Sicilian one, indeed even milder … I hardly wore a jacket there! I certainly miss my family and the sea. I have traveled many parts of the world thanks to my work (Mexico, French Riviera, Spain …) but the Sicilian coast has no equal for me!

Is yours an innate art? What did you dream of doing as a child?
Like many boys, I dreamed of being a footballer, yet I had art in my blood. I remember that in kindergarten during the school play I was chosen as a storyteller: at just 5 years old I entertained the audience for two hours, my little companions simply danced or moved, gesticulated, I was the only one who spoke by heart! In short, the propensity was already visible but it only became my dream when I was 15 years old.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
In truth I don’t think about it … I live day by day, I have many goals and so far I’ve always achieved them but, yes, I’d like to win a Donatello!

… and the Oscar in 20 years?
Well, yes, that would be a great reward! At the same time in 20 years I see myself together with my family, my wife and our children, always doing this job that I love.

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