Gina, the can

Once upon a time there was a nice small can. Her name was Gina. She lived happily in a bar with her little brothers and sisters. One day a girl who loved “cola-cola” bought it. She was really excited. The girl kissed Gina again and again and the gold brown liquid in it disappeared. She felt so well and light, but, suddenly the girl threw the can away, in the middle of the street.

“Is she crazy?” – thought Gina and she tried to stop her. How could the girl be so selfish and heartless to leave the can alone under the rain or the scorching sun? After two long weeks Gina was so disperate that she had decided to die.

But one day she saw a child coming towards her. She thought he wanted to crush her but after thinking for a while he picked up the can from the ground and took it home. He washed Gina with a scented soap and dried her. He seemed really satisfied. She thanked him so many times that she was almost out of breath. Gina told the child her terrible experience: a dog had peed on her and some cars were about to crush her. He looked at Gina and smiled. Then he turned the can into a wonderful piggy bank. From that day she lived “rich” and happy at her new friend’s house.

The rising population, urbanization and the growing technology are some of the reasons for solid waste pollution. The amount of waste is too big today and the number of landfills is increasing across the world. Recycling is a way to send less trash to the landfill, to save energy and water, to low pollution and greenhouse gas emissions and to improve air and water quality.

It doesn’t make sense to use paper, plastic, glass, aluminum, steel, and petroleum products once and then throw them away! We can benefit from the raw materials and energy that have already gone into their production.

Aluminium can be endlessy recycled, keeping its quality and properties. It is a material that can be used in many products. Recycling aluminium beverage cans saves about 95% energy compared to making a can from raw bauxite and do you know that the energy saved by recycling just one can will run a TV from three hours?


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Sara Filiciotto


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