George Best, a life without limits

The story of George Best is one of the most fascinating in the world of football. A life full of great successes but also excesses that, probably, have contributed to bring him to a premature death. George Best was undoubtedly a champion on the field, so much so that he was nicknamed Poet of the goal but in his everyday life he was not as excellent. He has lived a life of excesses, as a film, rich above all of women and alcohol that have contributed to make eternal the legend of George Best. The Poet of the Goal was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on 22 May 1946. His family was not particularly wealthy, supported by his father, a turner employed at the city’s shipyards, and by his mother, who worked at a cigarette factory. As a child he always had a great passion, the football. At the age of 11 he was admitted to the prestigious Grosvenor High School, an important school in which, however, he played mainly rugby. For this reason the young George Best returned to the less famous Lisnasharragh Secondary School to devote himself to football. At the age of 15, he was noticed by Manchester United observer, Bob Bishop.  George Best then arrived at Manchester United where in 1961, at only 15, he made his debut. To his prowess on the field, however, he was immediately noted also his arrogant character both against opponents and teammates making evident immediately an indomitable attitude. The English press gave him the title of “fifth Beatles”, because in addition to the prowess and undoubted talent in George Best there was also much charm.

The Poet of the goal will dictate law also in fashion so much that it will help to make iconic the flared elephant pants and his long hair. Best was always featured on all the major newspaper pages with striking headlines and phrases that only he could so beautifully coin. If on the one hand for to the continuous talk of this player stadiums were filled with fans for their idol, on the other there were newspapers always ready to photograph and document the many misdeeds in his private life. At this age, at the peak of his success, for George Best began a slow decline in which good plays worthy of note alternated also unpleasant episodes. Just like the punch he pulled Medina during the Intercontinental Cup challenge, like the fines imposed by the club for deserting the retreats and the matches he preferred a night of passion with Miss World Carolyn Moore or a weekend with actress Sinead Cusack. The revelations and phrases of George Best began to arouse more interest than his feats on the field, eventually obscuring his talent. “If they had given me the choice of going out on the field and dribbling four men scoring a 30-meter goal against Liverpool or sleeping with Miss Universe it would have been a difficult choice. Fortunately, I had both”. It is precisely these irreverent phrases that have made Best a particular media phenomenon as well as a talented player on the field. Success and money had become for him a real drug, and with the addiction of the alcohol his life slowly began to sink more and more. In 1983 he left the world of football. He was later arrested for drunk driving and violence and  his complete inability to manage his assets led him to have to go in search of money to live and drink. He even went so far as to sell his Ballon d’Or. George Best’s death was caused by a kidney infection, the result of alcoholism. About 10 years after the death of George Best, a documentary criticized this thesis and revealed that the cause of the death of the former sample would be an overdose of immunosuppressive drugs. ends the story of one who could have been really the best but who preferred a life without rules, giving priority to fun

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