I am in Tuscany, in Arcetri, in the villa of Galileo Galilei after the sentence dating back to 1633.

Me: Good morning Mr. Galileo Galilei, I’m here to interview you, do you have time for me?

G: Darling come in. I have all the time you want. After my exile nobody comes to visit me…

Me: Well, as a first question I would like you to talk about your life.

G: Okay. My life begins on February 15, 1564. My father wanted me to study medicine, but actually I was interested in mathematics. I was so curious that I didn’t want to study by reading, but by watching.

Me: Can you say you are satisfied with your life or would you like to change something?

G: I would like to change many things, but I have followed my heart and I am satisfied.

Me: Have you ever felt alone fighting the theories of the ancients?

G: Always. You feel a great loneliness when you are alone and surrounded by people who do not understand you

Me: I have great esteem for you because you changed the world for inventing a method for science!

G: let’s not exaggerate, one person cannot change the world. But this makes me proud for having given something useful to humanity.

Me: What was your most important work?

G: ‘The Dialogue on the highest systems of the world’, I took great care in this work even if it was not enough in fact it condemned me.

Me: Thank you for giving me some of your time.

G: Thanks to you for giving voice to someone like me!

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