As we all already know, nowadays we usually eat badly, we eat junk food and above all a lot of us don’t eat fruit at all.

Some years ago our school promoted the project  “Fruit Day” to encourage the consumption of fruit among students and they chose Wednesday for this event so we had  “Fruit Wednesday”.

This project has been confirmed again this year so from Primary  School to Secondary Schooo on Wednesdays we are invited to eat fruit as a snack for example an apple or a banana. The students who don’t like fruit can bring to school a fruit juice or a dessert made from fruit,  but it is not easy to change eating habits so a lot of  them continue to eat  different type of food.

 We have done a survey in our class  about how often we eat fruit (always, usually, often, rarely, never). The survey shows that a few students eat fruit ALWAYS OR USUALLY, several students eat fruit OFTEN but the percentage of students who eat fruit RARELY OR NEVER is  high. The results are not encouraging but we hope that  “Fruit Wednesday” will improve them.

You know, our slogan is “WE EAT FRUIT AND YOU?

Isolated berries over white
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Mattia Calabrò e Aurora Parisi


Classe 3^D Istituto Comprensivo “S. Margherita” Messina