Friendship is a type of “relationship” between two or more people. None could neglect the great possibility of having a good friend. I still remember a friend of mine who gave me a bracelet for Christmas and where is written “ THE FRIEND IS THE SISTER YOU CHOOSE”. Quite often, friendship is confused with something else, for example with something which can only be useful for ourselves, with something which can last a short time or that can be used to make a profit. Otherwise friendship is above joy, happiness and affection towards a person. The true friendship never ends. The friend is the person who gives you comfort, help and above all supports you in the most difficult moments of your life. Of course we might offer our friendship to someone who does not return it and does not appreciate it. But this is the risk that everyone knows and experience can always teach us to make a better evaluation the next time. I have several friends and most of them are boys who are close to me day after day. We share our ideas, our experiences and all evry moment of our life, because I consider them like my brothers and sisters.A true friendship can be recognized immediately, because it is a feeling we feel without reason just like love. It is something spontaneous that we share with another person.

There are many things I would like to say about the relationship with my friends and it is not easy, but having good friends is surely a wonderful sensation. It’s important to say that not always you share are necessarily good and beautiful. You recognize a real friend in difficult moments of life, because friendship means to give without receiving, or appreciate what our friend does for us rewarding him/her with a smile and with a sweet word. Only in this way we can encourage people to give it up again and to offer themselves as friends. Unfortunately, nowadays everyone gets accustomed to think only and always of himself/herself and he/she has no more time for friendship. Remember “THE FRIEND IS THE BROTHER/SISTER YOU CHOOSE”.

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Sofia Morabito


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