Friends are fundamental in a person’s life path, they serve to comfort you in moments of sadness and to share moments of joy and happiness. Friendship is as beautiful as it is rare to find, the truest one is generally that bond that is formed with someone as a child is like something magical, which you know you will never be able to find if you lose it. There is a saying “Whoever finds a true friend finds a treasure” and it is true that it is like a precious stone of immense value, which you like so much that you are afraid of breaking it or losing it.
The true friend is the one who constantly teases you and who keeps your bad photos and then puts them in stories. Your best friend is the one with whom you share the truest laughs, the most sincere cries and that feeling that is incredible. Friendship thus rarely exists since many times people stay with others only for convenience. Friends, I mean real ones, you can count on a palm of your hand.

A true friend is important for innumerable reasons that include:

Sharing your experiences: Spending time with close friends and sharing news and experiences, whether happy or sad, always makes life feel more exciting than traveling alone.

Boosting your confidence: A friend helps you acknowledge your strengths and virtues and realize your true potential, which helps make you believe more in yourself.

Overcoming stress: The best cure for reducing stress is a hearty laugh with a loving friend, as well as having someone to vent your worries and anger. Reducing stress can ultimately help regulate your blood pressure.

Improving lifestyle habits: Friendship provides opportunities to learn from each other, as such a good friend helps you include good habits in your life. Studies have suggested that positive social support may help people give up bad habits, including smoking and doing drugs.

Improving mental and physical health: By sharing your sorrows and helping you inculcate healthy habits, friends help you improve both your physical and mental health.

Helping in making decisions: A good friend helps you make the right choices in times of confusion and doubt. Seeking a friend’s advice is always helpful.

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