Islamic women since childhood are forced to the harsh law of the “SHARIA”.

This law forbids them any freedom such as the choice of mistress, university, clothes and habits, so it is impossible for them to live like western women.Today Muslim immigrants are in every part of the world and many of them continue to follow their religion in a radical way therefore, they can’t fit in western society because they are severely punished by violence by their parents and in particularly father. An example is the story of a sixteen-year-old Muslim in Cremona beaten by her father because she was too western. The same situation was in Pavia where the father beat his daughter because she was too much integrated with new friends and new style of clothes typical of the western teenagers. There are many verses in the Korean, which encourage and justify the sexual enslavement of non-Muslim women in the context of jihad.

One day, in Iraq, an elderly lady, recently converted to Christianity, received a visit from Muslims to her home. When they discovered that she possessed crucifixes and Christian icons, they “forced her to spit on the cross”, as she herself says, and then mistreated her. This because Muslim or Christian woman is compared to a dog or to a donkey, because she must be faithful like a dog and servant or slave like a donkey for its farmer. How it is possible that even today there is such a reality? Why don’t women come together to rebel starting from self-respect, the right to vote and therefore from every form of freedom?



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