France, deserved victory but without triumph for Emmauel Macon

Emmanuel Macron was again elected to the leadership of the French Republic for the next five years. This is the result of the second phase of the presidential elections, held in France, in which the outgoing president defeated Marine Le Pen in the ballot.

After conducting a campaign without particular enthusiasm, which began only after the first round there are several issues that Macron will have to take into account.

Macron was the favorite for a second term, but it had never happened before that the right was so close to a possible election. It was not the first time that the two politicians faced each other; in fact, in 2017, the president had obtained 66.1% of the vote, Le Pen 33.9%. The drop in approval is therefore very evident. Five years ago Macron obtained 20,743,128 votes, against the current 18,779,809, so almost two million less, while Marine Le Pen went from 10,638,475 of five years ago to 13,297,728 votes therefore 2.6 million more.

Marine Le Pen, accepting defeat, spoke of a historic victory for his political area; the right. He added that the result shows a distrust of the French people towards Macron, a distrust that the new president can certainly not ignore.

Some observers write that Macron, from now on, will not be granted any homage, and that the opposition against him will start immediately. In some French cities protests have already begun, in which the main slogan was «Macron Go Away».

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Noemi Teti


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