FORTNITE – welcome to CHAPTER 3

A few weeks ago chapter 3 of the Fortnite video games was released, compatible for Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC.

During The End Event in the Fortnite Chapter 2, the battle with the Cube Queen, a being from another reality who’s responsible for the Corruption Cubes found on the island, ends with the island flipping. For this reason, the hashtag #Fortniteflipped explodes on social network, which symbolizes the island in reverse. After an exciting escape from the underwater base, players find themselves in the sea as the island flips over and they can be seen floating in the water waiting to be rescued. 

There are many new features in Chapter 3, first of all the tropical climate has changed, and the freezing cold has arrived. The new Battle Pass allows you to unlock characters like Spider-Man, Marcus Fenix and Kait Dears from Gears of War. Following the event, Fortnite went offline, which is not new since it also happened between the transition from Chapter 1 to Chapter 2. The problem has since been fixed. Within a short time Epic Games announced the arrival of the Victory crown. The Victory crown is an item that is worn if the player has won the game according to the mode. By winning the crown you can accumulate many experience points, which are used to pass levels. Depending on the levels it is possible to buy skins (costumes), pickaxes and other items. There are 10 pages of the pass and when you reach level 90 you unlock all the pages. In the battle pass you don’t buy with V-BUCKS but with stars, which you accumulate as you level up. Each level you pass gives you five stars. In the Item Shop you can buy skins with V-BUCKS. An uncommon skin costs 800 V-BUCK, a rare skin costs 1200 V-BUCK, an epic skin costs 1500 V-BUCK, and a legendary skin costs 2000 V-BUCK. In addition to these genres there are secondary genres such as cold series or lava series. There are new locations and cities in Chapter 3 map. Daily Bugle, Chonker Circuit, or Bisunto Grove, Condominium Canyon or the Sanctuary. You can use 3 types of materials that are wood, metal and bricks that are taken by destroying houses, trees and others with the pickaxe. Also added as a new weapon are Spider-Man’s web shooters. They are used to move very fast. For Christmas every day from December 16 until January you could receive gifts. This Christmas it gave every user on Fortnite a pickaxe. Chapter 3 has also added experience points in creative, so many users use some modes in creative to pass levels. The weapons have changed a lot, in fact all the old weapons are found only in creative and in normal games there is the typical machine gun, the MK7, new very special rifle, pistols, snipers, assault rifles and then grenades and other items such as launch pads and steel walls. One thing that is missing in this new chapter are the dinosaurs that also served to hamper players and make them lose life. The main animals are now wolves. There is an item that serves to restore the second life called shield, they added barrels that in a minute restore the whole shield. In the center of the map there are also vaults that have 3 chests inside that contain excellent weapons.

I like playing Fortnite. It is funny and exciting: while playing the game, there is always a competitive environment to become the last survivor or get the “Victory Royale”. There is action and adventure and it is FREE!

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