Since 1948 the World championship named “F1”, has been a passion for a lot of people, because people love to see men, who risk their lives in order to be the fastest. In the pursuit of velocity and glory there were a lot of men who were killed by their passion. Men that made the history of this sport such as Ayrton Senna, Jim Clarke, and men that were only following their dreams like Jules Bianchi who died in an accident. There have been a lot of accidents where one driver has risked to be killed by his car, an example is the accident which involved Niki Lauda in the 1976 at Nurburgring.

The F1 of our days is surely less dangerous than the F1 of the beginning, because there are a lot of things that make the driver secure and able to reach the maximum speed, like the security capsule , the halo…surely the FIA (Federation Internationale de Automobile) has made some important things in order to make the Grand Prix safer. The beginning of this process in which the F1 did research even on the security and not only on the speed, according to many experts, began in the weekend of Imola 1994 when one of the greatest drivers of F1 history died. When Ayrton Senna died, the driver of Williams, one of the most important F1 teams, he had won three F1 championships and he is remembered as one of the greatest drivers of F1 like Juan Manuel Fangio and Michael Shumacher. The weekend of Imola 1994 was not important only for Senna’s death but it was important even for the death of another driver, Ratzenberger.

The death of Ayrton was a shock for the world, because there is a “before Ayrton” and there is an “after Ayrton”, before Ayrton security was less important than speed and after Ayrton there was a compromise between security and speed. The drivers then began to be afraid of death because if even one of the most talented drivers of the world can die, every driver could die driving one of these cars. After this weekend there were a lot of horrible accidents like the one in the GP of Australia in 1996 and the accident that happened in Grosjean in 2020. If these accidents had happened during another year with less protection, they could have caused the death of the driver. Even if the F1 has made some important upgrades in the field of security there are still different risks in driving these cars, because the drivers have a car that can reach an elevated velocity, and they must get the best from their car. There will never be a F1 without risks, but the adrenaline that these cars give by only seeing them is incredible. So we can assert that the drivers are aware of the risks and they are heroes because they decide to drive knowing that they can die in any moment.

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