Food in Scotland, Ireland and Wales

In the past people from Scotland, Wales and Ireland were farmers and fishermen and their meals consisted of meat and fish with vegetable. Traditional food in these three countries is quite similar but each of them has its own specialities

Scotland’s national dish is “haggis” made from mutton oats, onions and spices cooked inside a sheep’s intestine.


But Scotland is also famous for its fish and seafood, especially salmon and trout. For breakfast Scottish people have something hot like porridge that is oats and hot milk with brown sugar and dried fruit.

Potatoes are the main food in Ireland. They are in lots of dishes, for example in traditional Irish stew. This is lamb or mutton cooked with carrots, onions and potatoes. Another Irish specialty is classic brown soda bread that you can eat with butter , cheese or jam. Irish traditional breakfast is similar to a full English breakfast: sausages, bacon and eggs, but also fried potatoes and special oatmeal and pork sausages (called “black pudding”).

In Wales the national dish is cowl, a stew made from meat, potatoes and leeks. Leeks are like long onions present in lots of Welsh recipes. They are a traditional symbol of Wales, too.

Children love Welsh rarebit that is melted cheese on toasts. For breakfast people in Wales eat “laverbread” which is not a type of bread but a kind of seaweed, full of proteins and vitamins.


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