Food and Drink Specialties in Nicosia
Due to its geographical position and very green pastures, in the very heart of Sicily, Nicosia has always been devoted to agriculture and grazing. Few people know the gastronomic tradition of the territory. It is a genuine cuisine, because most of the food raw material is local, and it is also very varied and refined. An excellence is produced among the territories: the buffalo mozzarella. The Caseificio Albereto is a modern company and one of the most important in Sicily which takes its name from the district in which the factory is located. The buffalo is a bovine native from Asia, dark in color and with short hair, accustomed to living in swampy areas. The hypotheses on the origins of mozzarella are different, but they all lie in the Middle Ages. According to the sources, the Saracens would have transported the buffaloes first to Sicily and then to the marshy plain of the Garigliano. The delicious mozzarella is processed with professionalism and passion, the entire production uses local food raw material, by natural fermentation, therefore without the addition of citric acid, a natural process that preserves the organoleptic characteristics. Other flagship products are ricotta and burrata.The distribution of the buffalo mozzarella covers a 40% of the regional territory.

Another excellence of Nicosia is the “24 baroni Brewery”. It was born thanks to two young brothers, who found the perfect water to make their craft beer on Nicosia hills. The factory derives its particular name from the history of Nicosia, in which, in the past centuries, lived twenty-four barons and today in the city center is possible to see some baronial palaces. The Consentino brothers, following their own intuition, have created the brewery of which Nicosia is proud. There are at least eight varieties of craft beer meeting everyone’s taste. The secret is probably the use of malted cereals, of a variety of local hops, of natural spring water and above all a natural fermentation Thanks to the reviews of those who have been able and lucky to taste and appreciate the beer, nowadays the 24 baroni beer is also known abroad.

Sua Maestà is a confectionery industry, founded in 1990 through the experience of pastry chefs who had been operating in the sector for several years. Its products have become famous for their high quality not only in Italy but also in Europe. The high quality derives from the respect of ancient recipes of the local pastry tradition, from the care in the choice of raw food materials to a production process that maintains unchanged the delicate phases of craftsmanship, such as slow natural leavening, essential to guarantee freshness and the fragrance of the products over time. Next to baking products such as biscuits and small sweets like amaretti, they also produce an extraordinary tasty artisan chocolate. The processing of homemade chocolate in the company takes place in 5 phases. The first thing for the processing of chocolate is to obtain the cocoa mass from the roasting and grinding of the cocoa beans to be roasted. The cocoa bean is roasted in an oven. The roasting is followed by the stone grinding of the cocoa beans. Thus obtained the grain of beans, this is ground in a stone mill to obtain 100% pure chocolate which can become 80% dark chocolate by adding 20% sugar; if it is made with gianduia, in addition to the sugar, the hazelnut paste is added. Depending on the type of chocolate to be made, they choose what to add to the cocoa mass, which ingredients to make it white, classic black, gianduja. The essential phase to best amalgamate the various components is conching. The last phase of chocolate processing is tempering which is now ready to be modeled. The chocolate passes from hot to cold, from a fluid to a solid state, it is put into molds and allowed to cool. They produce a kind of delicious chocolates or pralines filled with pistachio, almond and hazelnut cream called “tartù”. The quality that distinguishes the Sua Maestà ‘s products is also recognizable in the elegance and originality of the handmade packaging.

Giorgia Castagna – Giorgia Montesano – Rebecca Nisi – Matteo Proetto – Nicolò Scardino
3 B Liceo F.lli Testa Nicosia (En)

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Giorgia Castagna-Giorgia Montesano-Rebecca Nisi – Matteo Proetto – Nicolò Scardino


3 B Liceo Classico “F.lli Testa” Nicosia


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