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Focus is my favorite wall unit, it is a monthly on science, sociology and current affairs. It is the second monthly of the joint-venture gruner plus Jarh / Mondadori.

The Italian edition is known from 1992. I remember waiting with joy for the magazine when I was a child, now I click on the phone to update myself on the topics that interest me, it’s like always having it in my pocket!

When Mediaset added him to its networks … I think I was the only twelve year old who instead of going out on summer evenings on vacation I was enchanted in front of the TV to see the beautiful documentaries on dinosaurs that were so interesting to me. I came sometimes marginalized by my peers, but appreciated by any adult.

Focus, at that time, made me want to become a paleontologist when I grew up, maybe that is why I chose the ‘Liceo Scientifico’. Today I don’t know what I want to be as an adult, but my tastes as a newspaper, magazine or whatever have not changed, Focus is still the top spot.

Sometimes I imagine myself to be one of those researchers who write these scientific magazines; documenting, investigating, studying and deepening the past excites me, asking for information like a real journalist fascinates me. The world of paleontology fascinates me! To think that the Earth was inhabited by such mighty reptiles as dinosaurs is mind-boggling. It is as if Focus reads my mind for the “hunger” to know that I have of those eras.

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Giuseppe Giannetto


4B Liceo Scientifico – Istituto Minutoli Messina -Sez. Quasimodo


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