Fish and Chips

Fish and chips is a typical dish of English cuisine.

Fish and chips consists of a battered and fried slice of fish, accompanied by chips which are also fried. Cod is usually used. The batter is made from flour and water, or from flour and cold beer.

Potatoes are always cut quite large. When served it can be enjoyed with various condiments: the most popular are mushy peas, curry sauce, simple or garlic mayonnaise. Traditionally, fish and chips are sold in fry shops known as chippy, which can also offer other types of fast food such as pizza, hamburger, hot dog and kebabs.

You should eat with your hands, but if you want you will be given a small disposable fork. And usually the portions are very generous. Of course, you can also find it in the pub or restaurant, in case you prefer to eat it with all the comforts.

Fish and chips appeared around 1860 and its authorship is split between London and Mossley. The use of batter fried fish was imported to Britain by Jewish refugees who fled Spain and Portugal, the potatoes come from the Americas and the custom of frying them was born in France.

Ever since it spread, fish and chips have always been of paramount importance in the British diet, and not just for gastronomic reasons. This is not the most dietetic food in the world, however it provides an adequate ratio of proteins, vitamins and minerals, so much so that during the Second World War the government decided not to include it among the rationed foods. Fish and chips are also popular in Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and the United States.

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