Fill the distance with a smile.

“End of the state of emergency, back to normality?”

The first coronavirus case was identified on November 17, 2019, in Wuhan, China. COVID-19 is the virus that has changed our life since 2019. It has affected about 471 million people around the world. Unfortunately, it caused up to 6 million people’s death, a scary number! This virus has radically changed our lives due to the many restrictions we have to follow. Wearing a mask, in my opinion, is the thing that changed us the most. In addition, the distance between two people was strange for us who used to have physical contact, such as hugging or kissing.

With all the quarantines and school closures, I have lost relationships with many people, and this makes me sad. Because of Covid-19, I have difficulty talking with people because I became so shy after being at home for such a long time. And what about you, can you relate to people as you did before? At first, when we heard that the school would be closed for the next two weeks, we were happy because we would have disconnected a bit from studying. I never thought of missing classes, yet after all those months spent at home, I could not wait to go back to school.

Hopefully, the situation is changing now and perhaps we will be able to remove the face masks permanently. This thing scares me a lot because I am used to it and, for this reason, it will be weird not to wear it. I think it will also be good for me and, at the same time, surprising that we do not have to be in quarantine. What a great thing will be to hug people without being afraid that a person has had a positive test result for covid-19. What will the return to normality be like for you? Are you happy about this?

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