Femicide: women must have the courage to denounce

November 25th , in a few days, is a very important date: it is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, established  by the General Assembly of the United Nations.

The term femicide refers to murder cases in which a woman is killed by a man for different reasons. This occurs in the context of family or unstable relationships. The causes of this phenomenon are many: social, cultural, economic and family.

Femicide is widespread all over the world, unfortunately. Femicide concerns women, girls and old people. Femicide is the most extreme form of violence against women, both in public and in private, that puts them in a defenceless and risky position, which may end with the killing of the woman herself.

In Italy it is a really great problem. In 2021, 103 women have been killed: every two days a woman is killed by her partner. In total, more than seven million women have suffered violence. For this reason, I think it is a very important matter that mustn’t be ignored, especially in schools.

Women must have the courage to denounce all kinds of violence even with the new gesture of the “Signal for help”, a campaign born in North America. If you see someone in danger, contact “Signal for help”, calling 1522 immediately. We must fight and stop this crime with all the means at our disposal.

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Emma Berlinghieri




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