With great sadness we want to communicate to our readers that the female victims of murders in the year 2020 were 81.

The Pandemic due to Covid 19 has made things worse, since the outbreak of the pandemic violence against women has increased by 20%, in fact women are rising again killed by their husband or ex-husband, cohabitants, ex cohabitants almost always within the walls of the house. 

Unfortunately, there are still many women who fight their battles in silence, we ask them not to be afraid to report. 

We must try to stop this wave that is submerging us, we owe it to all those children who have been orphaned and who will carry the pain of violence forever. 

Last year in April the Canadian Women’s Foundation launched a simple silent gesture from Canada to report domestic abuse that can save lives: just raise your hand with the thumb inside, and close the four fingers on the thumb. This gesture must also be disclosed in Italy and in the world as much as possible in order to recognize a request for help, and immediately call the anti-violence number or notify the authorities. Indeed it has been called “the Signal for Help” and it’s slowly becoming popular all over the planet.

In order for phenomena such as femicide to be more and more riddled to the point that no more traces are found in the news pages, it is necessary to sensitize the new generations about these topics, which will take the place of the old ones who unfortunately still follow antiquated ideals. And ruthless, carriers of hatred, ignorance and toxic masculinity. Awoken the thoughts and conscience of young people so that we can get closer and closer to a healthy society, dictated by principles such as equality, equal opportunities, and nonviolence. 

Today we want to strongly support all the voices of the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and of all the children of the victims of femicide, so that justice is done. 

In memory of the victims. 

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