There are few men who have had the courage and strength to change the course of history, following alternative paths for the journey of man. Brave people who have been able to revolutionize our lives, paving the way for future generations. And they did it first of all by believing in their dreams, often against all odds. The first I want to tell you about is Nelson Mandela who never gave up even when in 1948 he was arrested on charges of promoting anti-organizational activities against the South African government. His was a noble intent: the fight against the concept of diversity, the dream of one day seeing black and white coexist in harmony, and with equal rights.

Mandela will spend 27 years in prison, never wanting to negotiate, ready to die in the cell for his ideas. He will only be released in 1990 by South African President De Klerk, with whom he will join to put an end to the monster called Apartheid once and for all. In 1999, by popular acclaim, Nelson Mandela will become president of South Africa, and standard bearer symbol of the struggle for human rights for all humanity. The second is Beethoven : he is one of the greatest composers in history but he is also a living example of how resilience and willpower can help us overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Fate makes him an immensely talented pianist from an early age. It was fate itself that scourged him, depriving him of hearing at the age of 30. But music for Beethoven is life, and life for him can only flow through music. For this reason Beethoven does not abandon the composition, and although now completely deaf, he creates some of the most beautiful and impressive sonatas in the history of music.

Another person who will remain in history is Stephen Hawking who at the age of 9 still could not speak well, and his grades were the worst in the class. Yet his schoolmates had already nicknamed him Einstein, who knows why. From there, Hawking burns all the stages of his studies that lead him to Oxford. But fate is lurking. A degenerative disease condemns him to a wheelchair, making him completely disabled and unable to communicate. Technology intervenes to help him, the scientist puts the rest.

Hawking becomes a symbol of courage and dedication, and a communicative vector of international science. His passion for the universe infects the masses, and his ability to disseminate seemingly impossible concepts to ordinary people is sensational. A continuous inspiration for all of us. We owe a lot to these people and we must learn from them!

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Rosario Marraro- Istituto comprensivo “O.G.De Cruyllas” Ramacca. Docente : Marilena Tamburino



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