F1 2021 World Championship: a rollercoaster of emotions.

F1, the motorsport that has always fascinated millions of fans all over the World. In the recent history of sport it has been less followed by people, that’s because there was no more emphasis, due to the dominance of Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton. But in 2021 things have changed: Max Verstappen, the 24 years old Red Bull driver has given rise to a battle for the world championship which hasn’t been seen for years. 

Lucky Bull or Good driver?

The challenge for Lewis arose already in the early season, when Verstappen, after winning for the second time in Monaco, started a streak of 3 wins. 

During the year both drivers have been in the leading position for the Championship, but Max has been the leader of the competition more than Lewis. 

A new year for many stables.

2021 hasn’t been a good year only for Red Bull, indeed many stables have shown their drivers’ talent for all year long, for example Williams, which gained its first podium after three years thanks to the talent of the young driver George Russell (and a bit of luck), but also Aston Martin, former Racing point, which gave the opportunity to the veteran Sebastian Vettel to be back on the podium. An honorable mention must be made for Scuderia Ferrari and Mclaren, which battled all year long for the third place in the Constructor Championship. 

The Championship finale drama. 

After many laps Sergio Perez (Red Bull’s second driver) passed Hamilton, and gave the opportunity to Max to reach

Visualizzazione di racefansdotnet-21-03-12-06-11-52-1-1.jpg

him. In lap fifty five, five laps before the end of the race, Nicholas Latifi (Williams) crashed into the wall, and caused the entrance of the safety car;this gave Max the opportunity to change tyres and reach Hamilton and, before one lap to the end, the race started again, Max passed Hamilton a few corners before the finish line and won the F1 2021 World Championship, breaking the streak of Hamilton’s Championship win lasting four years (already broken by Nico Rosberg in 2016). 

History has been written. 

Most of the F1 fans agree that Max Verstappen re-wrote the F1 hybrid era history, leaving a mark in every fan’s heart. This World Championship battle was a breath of fresh air, because

no one has ever really competed against Mercedes since 2017 with Sebastian Vettel driving for Ferrari. So this Championship will be remembered for many years to come.

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Federico Arancio



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