The Suez Canal is a navigable artificial Canal in Egypt. It is between Port Said on the Mediterranean Sea and Suez on The Red Sea. The canal officially opened on 17 November 1869. It is a very important canal because it offers ships a direct route between the North Atlantic and northern Indian oceans via the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. The canal separates Africa from the Middle East and it is one of the busiest trade in the world. It is a link between Asia and Europe. An alternative route, around Africa, is two weeks longer.

This year in the month of March 2021 everybody heard  news about a Cargo Ship Ever Given that was stuck in the Suez Canal for a week because of the wind. 

Ever Given is one of the largest container ship in the world. It was freed on the 23rd of March with the help of 15 tugs and high tide. This problem caused 400 ships to be blocked. The ship was crossing the Suez Canal towards Rotterdam when it blocked the canal. Even today the ship is in the Suez Canal in the “Great Bitter Lake”, there are still 25 Indian sailors on board. Unfortunately the ship was stopped because Egypt had asked for 900 million dollars in damages. 

The same name is not a lucky one Ever or Never Given ?

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