Louisa Clark lives in a small town in the English countryside with her mother, father, sister Katrina, grandson and grandfather, she is engaged to Patrick, a young personal trainer.  The girl has just been fired from the place where she worked for years, her unassailable good humor is put to the test when she finds herself facing a new job challenge.  In fact, she finds work with the Traynor family who are looking for an assistant for her 31 year old son Will who had an accident two years before her, being paralyzed in a wheelchair.

In the period during which she works for him, Louisa will learn about him and she will understand that behind the armor of superiority and coldness, there is still a sensitive boy who misses the life she led before the accident.  After learning that Will has made a deal with his parents, in which he gives himself six more months and then goes to the Dignitas assisted suicide clinic in Switzerland to end his life, Lou sets out to prove to Will that his  life is still worth living, while Will will push Lou to “broaden her horizons” and to believe in herself and in the opportunities that life can offer her.

Unfortunately, the attempts to dissuade him, despite the happiness that the girl has brought into her life, will prove useless, as Will will decide to die himself.  Lou, after an initial moment of anger and pain, will decide to stay close to him and will join him in Switzerland.  Eventually Lou is in Paris, reading a letter from Will telling her that he has carved her into his heart and that he thought of giving her a boost to live her life the way she deserves, happy and financially fulfilled by letting her access an account.  current.

Lou once entered Will’s life and became aware of the fact that she wanted to try in every way not to make it happen, but unfortunately she failed.  In fact, Will eventually decides to die.

The term “euthanasia” literally means “good death” and indicates the act of intentionally procuring the death of a person who explicitly requests it.  The request for euthanasia, in countries where this practice is lawful, is satisfied after a process that allows the person to make a conscious and free choice.

I sincerely think that everyone can do what he wants with his life.  If a person wants to end their life because she has been lying in a hospital bed for months and paralyzed, she can do it.  But if the doctors say maybe there is a small chance that his life will, in a sense, return to the way it was before, then why not make the effort and grit your teeth for a while longer?

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