‘Europe changes its way’: for Georgetti gas price cap or aid debt 

‘The minister to the regions: Pnrr to be reviewed in a scenario unthinkable one year ago’.

 Europe must change course, at least otherwise we will no longer have the possibility to make other sensible interventions to support sectors affected by the crisis “. While the government is grappling with the complicated squaring of coverages king of the Aid decree approved in two passages to the council of ministers the last week, the minister of Economic development Giancarlo Giorgetti chooses a clear way to describe the upcoming scenario for next steps in the fight against an inflation that promises not to get out of scene quickly.  «Europe either exists or it does not exist: with the Recovery it has made it possible to make debt for the ecological transition and digital, two objectives certainly most noble, but now he must recognize. Real and proper bombings at the some productive sectors have suffered». There are two roads: either an immediate roof given to the price of gas, which however is encountering obstacles «not always understandable»according to Giorgetti, or a new round of debt interventions (obviously also community) while the revision of the tax rules community will have to look to a less immediate future than the imagined only a few months ago. Giorgetti’s words reach the end of a dense meeting of the Regional councilors development organized in an unprecedented formula opened by the Marche Region under the direction of the conterenza of Regions a Senigallia (Ancona). The objective of the meeting, summarized by the vice president of the Marche Mirco Carloni who coordinates the commission Economic development of the conference, was to initiate a “strategic shared and coordinated strategy “between regions and government against the new crisis. And in facts in the roundup of interventions the regions (and the companies called in contrast) spoke one common language, which has made the differences in political orientation and geographical location almost indistinguishable;  with an almost unanimous request to reopen the nuclear dossier for strengthen in perspective the distortions of diversification of energy sources and a warning about the risk that a share of funds for the digital transition before foreign industrial chains a due to the Italian desertization in some sectors (e.g. bus). “I feel at home,” replies Giorgetti that he knows well and to a large extent he shares these themes. The owner of the economic development recognizes that with yet another macroeconomic landslide «the relationship problem between State and Regions comes back overwhelmingly, and must be faced with a pragmatic approach “to be used also in Brussels. Because (the Pnrr must be rebalanced in the light of an evolution simply unthinkable a year ago, when it was written “. And in the new context the rigid schedule to which the recognition is subordinate risks losing meaning as well as possibility implementation plans.

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