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Ethnic food

 It’s a matter of fact, Italian food is the best in the world. Let’s think of pizza, spaghetti and lasagne… anyway ethnic food has a very wide appeal for people of all ages exciting our desire for exotic recipes and dishes.

Reasons may be many: immigration, globalisation, e.commerce, social media which make far away countries such as India, China, Japan not so more far away.
The strongest reason of all is represented by social media and influencers with their continuous advice about what we should do, how  we should dress, what we should eat.
Our exotic curiosity is also boosted by the latest TV series such as Squid Game or Japanese animes and mangas or easy to buy street food such as kebab. So, despite our universal good products we are all crazy about sushi, spring rolls, poke, falafel…

Strange but  true  we not only want to taste exotic dishes,  we also want to make them ourselves. Many are looking at tutorials, others are buying tools and ingredients, others simply go to ethnic restaurants which are flourishing in town, no matter the quality of the food they serve!
Our school, too, which has a catering section is offering a course on sushi starting January 2022 interpreting the strong desire of young people to learn all about Japanese cuisine and its secrets.

Which side are you on? Are you into ethnic food as well? What’s your favourite dish?

We do not take the side of influencers simply because each of us is free to do, eat, dress as we please. Influencers have a strong impact on our decisions, tastes and opinions, so to say.
The food that we absolutely appreciate most is pizza but it’s obvious, isn’t it? Everyone likes pizza!

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Valeria Di Mauro, Aurora Bufalino


IV F, Ottici