Eros Ramazzotti

Eros Ramazzotti is one of the best known singers in the world. He’s my favourite  singer. He grew up in the neighborhood of Cinecittà in  Rome.
His father was an amateur musician and singer. From an early age, Eros showed a passion for music, he studied piano and the guitar.
After the middle school, he applies for admission to the Conservatory of Rome, but is rejected. He then enrolled in accounting in the institute opposite his home, but after three years attended with little interest and profit, he abandoned his studies.

 The difficult life in the suburbs pushed him to develop, in adolescence, a closed character.

After a failed attempt by the family to emigrate to Australia (they were in the process of selling their modest apartment), Eros spends a whole year studying English.
On February 3, 1984 he took part in the Sanremo Festival, in the “New proposals” section, with the song  Terra Promessa ;  admitted to the final, he wins the event in the new proposals section .

His notoriety began there, even internationally, when he began to face International audience.  

It returns to Sanremo in the 1985 edition , this time among the “Big”, with the song Una storia importante.  He is ranked sixth but on a record level it is a triumph; in fact, the single from Sanremo sells over a million copies in France. Following the publication of his first album, Agitated Hearts also recorded in Spanish with the title Almas rebeldes .

The following year he triumphs in Sanremo also in the final ranking, obtaining the first place with Adesso tu , which leads the way at the release of the second album, Nuovi Eroi , the title of the same name for another of his successful songs. This album is also recorded in Spanish , confirming her popularity across borders. In the same year she also won her first festivalbar, in the 33 pm category , with the album Nuovi Eroi . 

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