Enzo Ferrari: a legend of motorsport

Enzo Ferrari was born on February 20, 1898. He was a racing driver who founded the Italian sports car manufacturer bearing his name “The Scuderia Ferrari”, known all over the world . Ferrari cars are generally seen as a symbol of luxury and wealth.

Thanks to Enzo, Ferrari won a lot of titles: in total Ferrari won 16 constructors championships and 15 drivers championships in Formula; 1. 238 victories, 778 podiums, 84 double wins, 230 pole position, 8712 points and 254 fastest laps. In these statistics in F1 Ferrari has the records as the best team to have raced in F1.

His father Alfredo had a workshop that today is the Enzo Ferrari Museum.

At the age of 10 Enzo saw several car races in the 1908 Circuit of Bologna, and he decided to become a race car driver. His father had a metal business but in 1915 both his father and brother Dino died and the family business collapsed. In 1920 he began racing with Alfa Romeo. He got married to Hanna Gorelli, in 1923. In the same year Enzo Ferrari won the first edition of the Grand Prix of the circuit of SAVIO. According to what Enzo Ferrari said, it was on that occasion that Francesco Baracca’s mother, countess Paolina Bianco, gave him the symbol that her son carried on the cockpit, a prancing horse on a yellow shield, and told him to put it in his cars, as a symbol of good luck. And so it was.

In 1924 he participated in the foundation of the sports newspaper “Corriere dello Sport”. To crown his sporting career he was awarded the honor of Knight Officer Commander of the Crown. In 1929, in Milan he found a racing, linked to Alfa Romeo and destined to become famous as a team: The Scuderia Ferrari. Enzo managed a team of over 40 drivers, including Antonio Ascari, Giuseppe Campari and Tazio Nuvolari. Ferrari himself continued to race until the birth of his son Dino: After many years, Ferrari decided to move to F1. The occasion arrived in Monaco, the 21st of May, 1951, while Ferrari’s first victory in F1 came in the British Grand Prix with Josè Froilan Gonzales. The first title arrived in 1952 with Alberto Ascari, Antonio Ascari’s son. Ferrari won even in 1953 always with Ascari. But the mid -50s were difficult years for the Drake because his cars did not fight for the first position and his son Dino died.

Dino Ferrari

Ferrari continued in the 1960s where Enzo won the championship in 1961 and in 1964. In the 70s the team recovered and Niki Lauda entered the team in 1974. Lauda became one of the best drivers of Ferrari. He won in 1975 but in 1976 his car caught fire and Lauda lost the title at Nurburgring Nordschleife. Then Niki won in 1977 and the last championship of the 70s for the Ferrari was in 1979 with the fight between Scheckter and Villeneuve. Since then Enzo Ferrari didn’t win other titles.

Ferrari died in 1988 at the age of 90 and he was buried in the cemetery of San Cataldo in Modena, next to his son Dino. He was nicknamed the Drake, from the name of the English pirate and admiral Sir Francis Drake.

A month later in the F1 Monza Grand Prix the 2 Ferrari placed first and second. It was a pity for Enzo who couldn’t assist to the best years of his team and to the triumphs of Michael Shumacher. Today Ferrari still remains the best team of F 1 history and I hope it will win again!

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