Environmental pollution

What is that? It is the introduction of physical elements – pollutants – that cause the different types of pollution. When we think of pollution we refer to various pollutants due to human activity. In particular, the impact of man on the environment in 

industrialized countries, due to the pollution of factories. Pollution is a global environmental problem, which affects all states and all human beings. Indeed, pollution in the world today represents a threat to nature, which becomes contaminated nature, it is also a danger for all living beings and also for human beings. Pollutants, in fact, alter the environment, and, therefore, the air, water and soil, and put the health of the entire planet at risk. upset entire territories (think of Chernobyl), and made entire territories uninhabitable. In addition, the effects were also dramatic in the following decades, for millions of human beings. Even today, the consequences of the explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor are paid. Environmental pollution is the total, irreversible upheaval of entire territories, but also of the entire planet. Pollution is also the introduction of harmful substances into the environment due to natural events. The eruption of a volcano, for example, pollutes the environment and damages human health by releasing quantities of some cases into the environment that exceed the capacity of digestion and absorption by that environment. Environmental pollution is an alteration of the environment (natural pollution or pollution caused by human activities). The causes of pollution are related to the polluting elements. These produce temporary discomfort, illness or permanent damage to life in a given area. The alteration can be of chemical or physical origin: these are the causes of pollution. Global pollution is a real risk for the planet. To save the planet we must: reduce food waste, plant trees, recycle, eliminate energy waste, choose clean energy and use the machine as little as possible.

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