Enter the “network”, but be careful not to fall into it

Since their appearance, social networks have brought about a revolution in communication. For a digital native boy, it would be unthinkable to live without the internet and new technologies. In fact, teenagers today spend their time online for several reasons: communicating online with friends, socializing, looking for information, spreading news in real time, getting in touch with people from all over the world…

Digital instruments certainly offer countless opportunities that young people exploit in a habitual and natural way, configuring themselves as a precious educational resource in the study, facilitating communication and comparisons, developing technical and organizational skills. Social media are so successful among young people that they use them at any time to have fun, make friends, share interests, find help and support in various situations.

However, the “network” exposes to risks of which children are often not aware and from which they do not always know how to defend themselves.

Among the disadvantages there are the loss of contact with the real world that can create serious dependence on the virtual one, the loss of privacy, the lack of relationships and dialogue, cyberbullying, piracy and various online scams. Obviously, this does not depend on technology but on the wrong use that can be made of it.

Therefore, it is essential to find a balance between virtual and real life, trying not to abuse technology, but using it with wisdom and moderation, opening up to the “network” without ever forgetting to use a lot of common sense and some due foresight.   

                                                                                                                        Corica Dario 2D 

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Dario Corica


2 D Liceo Scientifico “Medi”- Barcellona P.G.


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