End of the state of emergency: is it a dream or reality?

Starting in March 2020 due to COVID we all found ourselves locked in the house. Suddenly we couldn’t go to school anymore and thinking of it as a short holiday I was even happy! But then the days went by, the classroom lessons were replaced by online ones, to see my friends I could only use my phone and then I began to realize that it wasn’t so good.
The worst thing of the whole quarantine was not being able to see my grandmother who lives in Calabria for a long time. I studied a lot, drew, wrote poems and diary pages, made videos with my friends.
I remember the day when we were finally allowed to go out again: with some of my friends we met again in the “cavea” of Furci to skate and spend some time together. We wore masks and tried to keep the suggested distances, but nevertheless it was wonderful.
The state of emergency ended on April 1…but for whom is it over? I wonder. Even without going too far we keep hearing about people continuing to get sick. Sure, maybe there won’t be the same problems as before, fewer people are dying, more people have decided to get the vaccine. The masks have now become part of our clothing. Few are the brave ones who have abandoned them and use the mask only where they are forced to wear it. I don’t know if I’m ready to give up the mask for good. I think we should let our common sense guide us first. The state of emergency will really be over for me when hearing about positivity will remain a topic related to mood and not to the disease and hearing about quarantine and tampons will remain a topic to be surprised and not a habit.

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Arianna Vanadia Bartolo


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