“End of the state of emergency, back to normality?”

After more than 2 years the state of emergency ends in response to Covid-19 like me, like us, millions of other people in the world have had to drastically and suddenly change their habits: work and study at home, limit and justify going out, meetings, long queues in front of supermarkets, social distancing, sanitizing mask. The Covid-19 epidemic is the most serious event that has occurred to date. We have been talking about nothing else for months, even if now, with the contagion curve in decline, thanks to vaccines, the situation has improved and we are moving towards a return to normality, the situation is still serious, especially in those countries not reached by the vaccine. Health systems are in dire straits, many people have lost their jobs. I wonder: “What will happen in the future? What will this return to normal look like? We will not return to normal because normalcy was the problem: economic inequalities, environmental disasters, pollution … I wonder, then, if the epidemic can change our habits. We are all aware of it! The pandemic never seems to end. The solution seemed to have arrived with vaccines, but each variant calls everything into question: “no more Dad ….”, The return to normal will have to be gradual. There will be a change for everyone, but it will be a different way of living than before it all began.

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