End of the state of emergency, back to normality?

On 30 January 2020, the government declared a state of emergency in the Italian peninsula due to a report by China for Covid-19. After a few months, all of Italy was faced with numerous new very stringent rules. The lives of all citizens have changed and actions such as wearing the mask, using a disinfectant, often washing hands, and maintaining a minimum distance of one meter have become part of daily life, as well as continuous quarantines, frequent tampons, and curfew. The peninsula was on its knees in every aspect. From the point of view of health there have been overflowing hospitals and exhausted doctors and nurses, also from the economic point of view, there has been a great drop especially in the tourism and catering sector. Many people have lost their jobs, students have found themselves faced with a new school reality, distance learning. But this pandemic has also burdened psychologically, in fact, there have been increased cases of depression and post-traumatic stress disorders. The adolescent sphere has suffered a serious blow, young people locked in their rooms had to avoid social relations by locking themselves in. 

Today, after two years, most of the population is vaccinated, cases of positivity have decreased and with them also deaths caused by the virus. Since April 1st, the state of emergency has ended and the restrictions have decreased, but we still need a lot of caution to avoid a devastating relapse. Meanwhile, schools, restaurants and tourism have reached almost normal. From now on we hope for a continuous improvement to return to normal life, travel and have social relations in total freedom. But a great point of reflection is the following: will we ever return to total normality? Probably after this experience the conception of normality will change completely, passing to a new normality. Masks in enclosed spaces and the safe distance could be part of the new normality, as protected procedures regardless of the virus.

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Samuela Roccuzzo




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