It is a Spanish TV series created by Carlos Montero and Darìo Madrona.

The series follows the exploits of a group of teenagers who try to discover crimes committed in a school (murders, disappearances, or assaults).

The series is set in a private school called “Las Encinas” attended by the richest kids in Spain. Each season faces a crime and the boys will have to discover the victim’s attacker.

One day, three boys, sons of bricklayers, are admitted to that school due to the collapse of their old school. The three boys, at first, do not settle well in the school, they are treated as if they were different. The three boys are called: Samuel Garcìa Domìnguez, Christian Varela Expòsito, and Nadia Shanaa.

Nadia comes from a Palestinian family and is a brilliant pupil, she has a brother named Omar and her parents work in a grocery store.

Christian is a party boy and childish but his parents don’t approve of his lifestyle because they would like him to take responsibility and work harder at school.

Samuel works as a waiter and he is in love with a classmate of his but his brother Nano has other plans with her…

Lots of teenagers are crazy for this Tv-serie and so am I!

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