Have you ever enjoyed a EcoVacation? Do you know what is it?

Even if is still impossibile to enjoy a good vacation because of the Covid-19, the Ecotourism is the fastest growing area in the holiday business, whose aim is to preserve and sustain the diversity of the world’s natural and cultural resources. In general, it is the low-impact alternative to mass conventional tourism. In the past we were used to spend our holidays in wonderful hotels and resorts without considering the impact that those structures would have had on the environment. Environmentalists are sure that an ecovacation offers tourists an invaluable insight into the impact of humans on the environment. The purpose is to educate the traveller for the conservation of vital resources such as energy and water. Since preserving resources is a high priority on these holidays, travellers are asked to recycle wherever and whatever possible and take away non-biodegradable objects such as tins, plastic bags and empty bottles; reduce noise pollution and generally make a positive impression on society, the environment and economy. Surely the purpose is positive, but not easy to realize. Many things should be done and, above all, people’s way of thinking and acting should be changed. It’s important to make people know that gas emissions in our cities, global warning and climate changes are rapidly moving our societies towards social destruction and human people towards diseases and death.

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Borrata Diego


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My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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