In the English dictionary the word “ecology” is used to indicate: “the study of relationships between plants, animals, people and the environment around them, and the balances between these relationships”. How do organisms interact with the living and nonliving factors around them? What do organisms need to survive and thrive in their current environments? Changes in ecosystems can result from many different factors including diseases among the organisms living in the area, increases in temperature, and increased human activities. Understanding these changes can help ecologists anticipate future ecological challenges and inform other scientists and policymakers about the challenges facing their local ecosystems. To find the answers to these questions, ecologists must study and observe all forms of life and their ecosystems throughout our world. Some simple rules can help us to live better and save our Planet, which is suffering. One of them is “to recycle”, all the objects and put them in the correct box. Thanks to this process, bottles and sheets of paper can be used again. Another rule is “to separate rubbish”, in order to select elements and re-use them easily. At home is important reduce electricity and use rechargeable batteries with our electric tools. Important solutions are even important in agricolture. Some European countries are using the so called “biological control”, which is a technique  that uses the natural enemies and predators of pests to control damage to crops. It is based in part on knowing the ecology of pests, which is used to understand when and where they are the most vulnerable to their enemies. Biological control alleviates crop damage by insects, saves money, and decreases problem associated with pesticides. Human activity plays an important role in the health of ecosystems all around the world. Scientist can view ecology through a variety of different lenses, from the microscopic molecular level all the way to the planet as a whole. Solutions are far from here, but I think that it’s important to sensitize people on the real conditions of our Planet and finally, to act all together. The cure of our Earth depends on all of us and not on a single activity. Let’s try to save it. It’s our duty!

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Bellia Antony



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