Sicily is famous for its beaches or landascapes , for its mount Etna but especially, Sicily is known for its gastronomy. In particular, Sicily is very popular for its pastries. 

People around the world like cannolo , but have you ever tasted “Cassatelle di Agira ?”Cassatelle are typical pastries from the western part of Sicily. So you can find them also near Trapani . Cassatelle are usually fried filled with ricotta cheese , but those of Agira are different . In fact , they are made with short pastry and filled with a sweet cream .It is a mixture of roasted and shelled almonds,chocolate , lemon and sugar .Today , it is possible to find them with nutella cream , pistachio cream and other kind of cream , but the classical  one is the best !

Eating is one of the best things in the world and doing it in Sicily tekes you in paradise.When you eat a cassatella you can taste a part of western Sicily and if  all you need is love a little chocolate, now and then doesn’t hurt”.



Claudio Schilirò


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