Romanian traditions have lasted for over than thousand years. A widespread custom throughout Romania is painting eggs, especially red, during the Holy Thursday.

Easter lunch is usually prepared the day before. The table is covered with a coloured tablecloth. The whole family participates in this party from the youngest to the oldest. If in the other countries of Europe there is the tradition of Easter chocolate eggs, in Romania, according to the orthodox tradition, hard-boiled, coloured or painted eggs are prepared. The eggs of the past were a symbol of creativity and fertility, today instead they symbolize the birth of a new being, the resurrection of life and nature.

How are they decored?

They are decorated with:

*Acrylic paint, easter and spring symbols are drawn;

*Stickers are found inside the box of the dye for eggs,  they represent animals like insects or birds.

Easter in Romania is a spiritual moment full of hope and joy for a new life.

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Roberta Huluba


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