A trend that has become more and more popular during the years

What is e-commerce?

For e-commerce (Electronic Commerce) are intended those companies who have developed a shop which is reachable by surfing on the Internet, where people can by all sorts of things, from home furnishings to electronic stuff, clothes and many more.

Why has e-commerce become so popular in the last few years? 

First and foremost we must make some context: e-commerce has been around for many years now, people buy basically everything on the internet nowadays, but e-commerce and online shops have become so popular during the last few years for many reasons: 

● it is much easier to buy on the internet than in physical shops

● returning a product is faster and always guaranteed, and you don’t need a payment receipt to return back your products 

● in online shops you can find stuff for cheaper than in physical ones

● Covid broke out in 2020, forcing people to stay at home, this has helped so much e-commerce to become more popular, even to older people.

So is it better to buy from online shops than physical ones? 

These days buying online is the preferred option to many people.With all these covid problems reducing physical contact with other people can be helpful in preventing greater spread of the virus. 

The e-commerce business also employs a lot of people, and the fact that it is a constantly rising trend can help many people to find jobs. 

So, If you have never bought anything on the Internet, try it, here’s a list of the most famous online shops: 

● Amazon: it’s the biggest e-commerce company of the moment, you can buy literally everything on there, and sometimes for cheap.

● Zalando: it is the most famous clothing shop online, there are always offers and sales. 

● Subito: it is an online “flea market” where people can publish ads for stuff they want to sell. 

● Ebay: it is the same thing as Subito, but bigger: you can find new stuff and auctions for used stuff.

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